Protect your investment

Once you have created an outdoor area you are happy with, it is time to look after your investment by maintaining your paving, retaining walls and pool surrounds. Lifestyle Landscaping supplies products from Environex International and Wet & Forget that can help you do just that.



Anti-Eff is specially designed to safely remove efflorescence(salts) from most masonry products.

Ban Rust

Ban Rust is a mildly acidic agent to easily and rapidly remove bore water, rust and red soil stains.


Maestro is designed to remove organic stains caused by moss, mould and animal faeces.

Wet and Forget

Wet and Forget is a moss and mould remover. No scrubbing, no rinsing and no power washing.

Shower Witch

Shower Witch takes the hard work out of cleaning your bathroom.



Endure is a wet look sealer for stone and masonry products.

Hi Lite

Hi Lite is a semi penetrating sealer designed to highlight the natural characteristics of stone.


Synergy is a world class consolidator and penetrating sealer formulated for superior stain and salt protection.

Bone Dry

Bone dry is a water and stain repellent against porous materials.