sealers and cleaners

Protect your investment

Once you have created an outdoor area you are happy with, it is time to look after your investment by maintaining your paving, retaining walls and pool surrounds. Lifestyle Landscaping supplies products from Environex International and Wet & Forget that can help you do just that.

Environex International

Environex International Pty Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Australia’s most comprehensive, premium quality range of cleaners and sealers for stone care, masonry and graffiti.

Focused on supplying first-class products and services to all facets of the building, stone and masonry industry, Environex has an experienced team of specialists in the maintenance, cleaning, sealing and care of stone, coatings and masonry. Behind the scenes, a team of chemists is continually developing new products.

Wet & Forget

Wet & Forget – moss and mould remover

Wet & Forget moss and mould remover has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss, mould and lichen removal on any exterior surface.

When diluted with water and applied, it attacks unsightly moss, mould and grime. Then nature takes over; the weathering process gently taking the decomposing material away piece by piece without scouring the surface.

Shower Witch – 2L Ready to use!

Bathroom cleaning magic that saves you time. Why waste time getting rid of grime? Shower Witch takes the hard work out of cleaning your bathroom. It’s simple to apply and the results are truly magical.

Best of all, it contains no aggressive chemicals, is biodegradable and actually smells like a vanilla milkshake.

CAUTION! Will not remove hard mineral deposits (water spotting). Do a test spot if you have hard water and dark tiles. Shower base may be slippery after application. Rinse off before showering.