sands, gravels and soils


sandMedium River Sand is really good gritty sand, minus the salt. It’s great for laying pavers, topdressing your lawn and even for the kids’ sand pit!

Sands are sold per cubic metre.

Fine Brown Sand

Fine White Sand

Dune Sand

Gap Sand

Gap Sand is a special blend of graded, fine sand additives designed to lock into place all types of brick and block paving. It is quick and easy to use and forms a workable yet stable joint between pavers. It inhibits weed and insect infestation, minimises paver distortion and one 20kg bag covers approximately 3.5 square metres.


Bulk loads in gravel products are available from Lifestyle Landscaping, such as crusher dust, 10ml builders’ mix, decomposed granite and 2.1ml and 2.5ml road base.

Also available are 10ml, 20ml and 40-60ml aggregates.

Gravels are sold per cubic metre.

Crusher dust

10mm Builders’ Mix

Decomposed Granite


10mm aggregate


20mm aggregate

40-60mm aggregate

Road Base

2.1mm Road Base

2.5mm Road Base

General Purpose Cement And Assorted Cement Products

gp-cementLifestyle Landscaping supplies general purpose cement and other assorted cement products.

This premium Portland cement blends with raw materials to suit your project and conforms to AS3972 Type GP. It is suitable for concrete, grout, mortar and render, plus paving & general building uses.


Bulk-Potting-Mix-BaseBulk Potting Mix Base

Potting mix, pictured left, is available in bulk at Lifestyle Landscaping.

Premium Topsoil

This is a prime quality soil and manure mix and is ideal for veggie gardens and general planting for garden beds etc, to really get the best out of your plants.

General Topsoil

Our general topsoil is clean, screened soil of a very good quality. It is perfect for filling in garden beds and topdressing your lawn.

General Fill

We also offers general fill when available.

Soils are sold per cubic metre.