retaining walls

Lifestyle Landscaping’s range of retaining walls caters for all jobs, big and small, from DIY walls up to 1m high to products for large, engineered walls. We have blocks for vertical walls, link walls, curved walls and many more. Our suppliers include Adbri Masonry, Apex Masonry, GB Masonry and National Masonry.

National Masonry Garden Wall

Boral1 Garden-WallGarden Wall is available in a wide range of colours and, with its natural look of quarried stone across the face of the block, Garden Wall offers an attractive, low-maintenance wall in any yard. Garden Wall is easy to install, making it a logical solution for garden edges, steps and small retaining walls that can be constructed over a weekend. It is suitable for walls up to 1000mm in height.

National Masonry Country Manor

Retaining Walls, such as the Country Manor, deliver a mix of style, structure and functionality. From beautiful garden edges to decorative walls, National Masonry’s variety of textured surfaces, patterns and colours can give your next landscaping project everything from a light airbrush to an extreme makeover.

National Masonry

GB Masonry Heron

GB1rwall-TasmanHeron is the perfect solution for adding a touch of sophistication to your property. Produced to imitate the look of classical sandstone walls, Tasman blocks come in various shapes, making it easy to produce steps, right-angle returns and corners. Tasman is a near-vertical wall with only a 10mm set-back per course, meaning minimal lost space directly behind the wall. Suitable up to 2800mm in height.

GB Masonry Moreton

GB2rwall-norfolkMoreton blocks are really easy to use, look great and are economical to build, making them perfect for DIY weekend makeovers. Once the wall is up, the benefits only continue as it is structurally sound and low maintenance. Suitable for unreinforced walls up to 1600mm high and, with sufficient engineering, suitable for walls up to 6m.

GB Masonry Daintree

daintreeDaintree retaining wall blocks offer neutral and vibrant tones that can be used to contrast or blend in with outdoor settings. Contemporary, lively and stylish, the Daintree range is perfect for modern homes and creative colour schemes, adding a flourish of colour to the landscape.

GB Masonry Magnumstone

magnumstoneMagnumStone’s durable, high shear strength concrete SecureLugs fit into the lower units’ hollow cores, allowing significant lateral movement without losing unit to unit interlock. Tapered sides make it easy to build tight curves and straight walls with complete accuracy. MagnumStone’s large vertical and horizontal hollow cores filled with gravel, along with its high strength SecureLug, provide a superb geogrid to block connection.

Austral Masonry Keystone

keystoneThe Keystone retaining wall system is robust and strong, available in standard and flushface finishes ideal for both straight and curved walls. The patented interlocking pin connecting system is best suited for engineered walls up to 15m in height.

Austral Rockpave

Austral Rockwall

Adbri Masonry Meadow Stone

Hanson5rwall-Meadow-StoneInspired by old-time cobble walls, Meadow Stone gives a feel of classic charm. The tumbled blocks come in three sizes; large blocks are sold individually while small and medium blocks are sold as pairs to create a random stone effect. Using the capping blocks will finish the wall brilliantly. Suitable up to 800mm.

Adbri Masonry Natural Impressions

Enjoy the contemporary look of stylish stacked stone with the Natural Impressions range of blocks. Inspired by the natural colour variation of natural stone, Natural Impressions makes a bold statement in any landscape.

Apex Masonry Trendstone® Wall Unit:
Designer & Standard Ranges

Apex Masonry’s Trendstone coloured split-face finish with bevel edges creates a “picture frame” look. Trendstone features include:

Only 3 components (wall unit, corner unit, cap unit) – easy to use and order.
Creates vertical face walls (no set backs).
Allows product to remain in bond when curves are formed (exclusive feature).
Universal corner (exclusive feature).

Due to natural variations in concrete products, colours may vary from image (Designer Range pictured at left).

Lifestyle Landscaping offers delivery for all sands, soils, gravels, blocks and pavers.