Bulk Mulches

Loppers Mulch

Loppers Mulch (LEFT) is a fine and light mulch made from recycled tree limbs, etc. The texture of this mulch makes for great water redemption, which is particularly important in keeping your garden looking great during times of water shortage or restrictions.

Red Wood Chip

Red Wood Chip (LEFT) is a hardwood decorative mulch that brings life to your garden with its deep, vibrant shades of red. Its colours act as a great contrast to the foliage around your garden.

Pine Bark

Pine Bark (LEFT & BELOW LEFT) is available both in coarse and medium forms, Lifestyle Landscaping’s pine bark is screened, tan in colour and looks great both indoors and outdoors. Pine bark takes the longest time to break down and provides excellent water retention and weed suppressing qualities.

Bagged Mulches

Sugar Cane Mulch

Sugar Cane Mulch (LEFT) is excellent for use in veggie gardens and flower gardens, especially due to its ability to retain water and prop up leafy plants to deter rot and encourage growth.

Tea Tree Mulch

Tea Tree Mulch (RIGHT) is created using a by-product from the production of tea tree oil. Its deep colouring and pleasant scent make it a perfect addition to almost any garden.

Cypress Mulch

Cypress Mulch (LEFT) is a natural termite deterrent and has the effect of increasing worm activity, thereby improving soil quality. Cypress mulch is preferred by many landscapers, as it is a great-looking mulch that tends to keeps its colour for a prolonged time. It holds its ground against the wind, so there’s no loss through it being blown away. It also performs extremely well on sloping blocks and steep terrain, again maintaining its position where other products may slide away.

More information on our organic mulches

  • Organic mulch can be dug into the soil to make it more like a potting mix.
  • Organic mulch increases humus in the soil, assisting in nutrient retention and improving the soil’s structure.
  • Organic mulch significantly aids in water retention.
  • Organic mulch can help in reducing the occurrence of weeds.
  • Organic much can help balance soil components such as pH etc.

Lifestyle Landscaping offers delivery for all sands, soils, gravels, blocks and pavers.