garden edging

Lifestyle Landscaping offers a full range of masonry garden edging products, from simple, vertical concrete edging to stunning sandstone and stone-look products. We also have a garden edging product that includes a mow strip for easy maintenance of your garden edge.

Apex Masonry Easy Edge

edging1-villastoneThe unique shape of Easy Edge blocks makes them perfect for DIY edging. They are ideal for creating a straight mowing strip, circular rings around tree bases and water features or a stylish, curved edge to frame your garden in a clean, low-maintenance way. Easy Edge is a low-cost way of adding definition to your garden. Quick and easy to install, this small edging product is an attractive and simple option for borders, tree surrounds and to separate your garden from the lawn.

hanson1edging-BoarderstoneAdbri Masonry Border Stone

The smaller version of the Balmoral retaining block, Border Stone is a sophisticated split-face block that replicates a quarried stone face. Ideal for raised garden beds.

Natural Impressions

hanson2edging-natimpressNot only are Natural Impressions blocks suitable for retaining, their slim-line design makes them great for garden edging.

Gumnut Concrete Products Concrete Railway Sleepers

gumnut1edging-gumnutAvailable with concrete lugs in the back, concrete railway sleepers are perfect for pathways, driveways, steps, retaining walls and edging. They are sealed and available in a “natural” weathered timber colour or request any Gumnut standard paver colour or any other colour choice). They add a rustic look without the issues of rotting and white ants commonly associated with traditional wooden sleepers.

Lifestyle Landscaping sells the full range of Gumnut products, including pavers, sleepers, feng shui, random rock, cobblestones, garden edging, coping and bullnose and random brick.

Structural Concrete Sleepers

Structural Concrete Sleepers offers lengthy experience in the manufacture of maintenance-free retaining wall systems. Excellence in design and use of environmentally friendly materials put the company at the forefront of modern-day landscape design and construction.

Sleepers are produced to engineering specifications for retaining wall systems, noise/wind barrier walls and freestanding feature walls up to three metres in height. With the practicality of an easy-to-install system and the versatility of a large range of uses, Structural Concrete Sleepers are extremely durable and available in a wide range of natural colours that will blend in with any commercial, industrial or residential landscape project.

GB Masonry Bribie Edge

The simplistic design of this unit is intended to offer flexibility in application from long winding garden edges to corners with sharp curves with minimal cutting required.

Stone Directions Sandstone Garden Edge

Stone Directions have done remarkably well at replicating natural sandstone, as the Sandstone Garden Edge pieces look as though they have been pulled straight from the quarry with their superb colouring and natural-looking variation in the surface of the garden edge pieces.

Lifestyle Landscaping offers delivery for all sands, soils, gravels, blocks and pavers.